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Why should I install the MasterTag?

Tracking links are the most important things for publishers, they make sure your sales are recorded and you can be paid a commission. Awin’s Publisher MasterTag is the bedrock of Awin’s tracking. With a single line of JavaScript, you can turn on multiple features within the Awin UI that improve tracking and make affiliate marketing easier so you can focus on creating quality content. While some publishers like to use more complex affiliate links with additional metadata, it is entirely possible to use the MasterTag so that it automates the entire linking process so that you never have to create an Awin link or worry about the technical side of tracking.

This guide will show you how to install the Publisher MasterTag on your SquareSpace site and walkthroughs have also been created for the features you can activate once you have correctly installed the MasterTag.

First steps

To get started on Awin, the first step is to install the Publisher MasterTag. Once complete you have instant access to a variety of Awin tools, including the Tracking Optimisation Plugin which makes tracking simple and makes sure your site is always running the most up to date tracking.

Finding your MasterTag code

Your unique MasterTag code can be found in your account within the Awin UI. First, log in to your account and navigate to ‘Publisher MasterTag’ in the ‘ToolBox’ menu. The JavaScript code can be seen in the second box, the 5-6 digit number within the code is the Publisher ID for your Awin account. The code will look something like this:

<script src=””></script>

Publisher mastertag menu.PNG
Plugin Page.PNG

Adding the code to your Wix site

The MasterTag needs to be applied to every page on your site. To do this in Wix, first open your Dashboard and click ‘Settings’,  under ‘Advanced’ click ‘Custom Code’.

You are now ready to add custom code to your site. Click the 'Add Custom Code' button at the top and paste in the Publisher MasterTag code where it says 'enter code snippet here'. You should name the code e.g. Publisher MasterTag and then select to load the code on each new page finally the code should be placed in 'Body - End'.

You need to paste your MasterTag code in to the ‘Footer’ section - code added here is injected before the closing </body> tag on every page in your site. Further info about Code Injection can be found here.

Once done, make sure your code is marked as 'Functional' in the 'Code Type' tab.

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