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Convert-a-Link removes the technical stress from affiliate tracking. When activated it automates the creation of a tracking link which happens instantaneously as the user clicks a link. As long as the advertiser is on the Awin network it turns a clean link in to an Awin tracking link to make sure you get rewarded for your activity regardless of whether an affiliate link was used or not.

You don’t even need to worry about being on the advertiser’s program, Convert-a-Link lets the advertiser know when you have sent them traffic and creates a membership request.

To get started with Convert-a-Link, simply click the slider in the Publisher MasterTag page of the Awin UI. That’s all you need to do to start automating the creation of affiliate links.


Now when you add a link to an Awin advertiser you can just use the direct link to any of their pages e.g.

Fragrance Direct - this link uses, however, on click Awin tracking will be used as the domain is registered as an Awin advertiser account. This still works if you are using the Tracking Optimisation plugin or Admission.

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